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青海11选5:National Science and technology support program approval by

青海11选5 www.bbogb.com Published:2012-05-31

In May 31st, by the China Textile Industry Association organized the "eleven five " National Science and technology support program -- " high comfort polyester fiber development and application " project acceptance will be held in Wujiang Shengze. The approval by the State Ministry of science and technology of China Textile Industry Association commissioned chaired, participate in the acceptance will be the association leaders Li Jinbao, Xu Xinrong, Zhang Huiqin, Wang Ning, Jiang Shicheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering as the acceptance will be the team leader.

The project is jointly undertaken by the Hongqi Sheng Jiangsu Zhonglu technology development Limited by Share Ltd and Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology, Zhonglu technology development company as the project unit, and participate in the development of the Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology in 2009 to complete the " Declaration of eleven five " national technology support project of national science and technology department in 2010, formally approved the project, after two years of mutual development and research, the project was successful. The project successfully passed the acceptance, marking the Shenghong enhanced undertake major national research project technology R & D strength constantly in development, national technology support project and 863 projects, 973 belong to the Ministry of national science and technology major project of science and technology, but also the Ministry of science and technology for enterprises and research institutes, research, joint major science and technology project. Has great influence in the field of science and technology.

In Jiang Shicheng under the leadership of academician, the domestic textile industry expert group composed of 11 well-known experts, scholars to undertake unit to report the relevant information, specific review project, and the scene to see the samples and production workshop.

Detailed report to project manager after the finish, the group of experts agreed that based on row of moisture of composite functional copolyester fiber wet, anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, pilling mechanism and kinetics of the synthesis of the molecular structure, project design, innovative modifier synergism with organic, inorganic, successful research and development high comfort polyester synthesis and fiber manufacturing technology. To solve the functional powder dispersing, esterification, condensation polymerization rate, molecular structure and molecular weight control, the problem of supramolecular structure and morphology of fiber structure regulation, broke through the composite functional polyester batch polymerization slice spinning, continuous polymerization key technology of melt direct spinning production, different functions of the combination of high comfort, more than 10 kinds of short fiber filament design of high comfort; polyester fiber yarn and fabric structure, develop high comfort polyester fabric production technology, the development of the four major series of more than 80 high comfort polyester fiber products.

The project based on the previous study, quickly entered the stage of practical application, to build a high comfort polyester fiber demonstration base 2, pilot production line 1, the realization of industrialization application, and achieved good economic benefit and social benefit. Topic has declared 14 national invention patents, which authorized 2, subject to the joint research, organizational measures. The development of the technology of modified polyester fiber industry upgrading and improving the added value of products play the exemplary role, spreading application prospect.