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青海11选5:Jiang Hongkun a line of investigation of China at

青海11选5 www.bbogb.com Published:2012-08-11


The morning of August 11th, from Suzhou city to speed up transformation and upgrading of key projects to promote the meeting on behalf of a line, in the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee, Secretary of the CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee led by Jiang Hongkun, came to the country at Gaoke fieldwork construction. Suzhou City Vice Mayor, Wujiang municipal Party committee secretary Xu Ming, deputy secretary of Wujiang Municipal Committee, mayor Liang Yibo accompanied the investigation.

During the visit, group chairman Miu Hangen to Jiang Hongkun of secretary of detail description of the country's development plan, the construction of the target gaoke. Guowang Gaoke is Sheng Hong in 2007 the establishment of the company, not only has a mature technology, and has the equipment of similar products in the world's most advanced. Company was first established, with world-class chemical fiber enterprises development goals, take a new road to industrialization, to enhance the capability of independent innovation, speeding up the adjustment of industrial structure and industrial upgrading, promote the strategic transformation of industry from " quantity" to " benefit", in the chemical field adhere to independent innovation, dare to invest in R & D in the process, constantly breakthrough.

Guowang Gaoke construction so far, a total investment of nearly 4500000000 yuan, including an annual output of 120000 tons of PTT projects and an annual output of 500000 tons of DTY and POY fiber project. 120000 tons PTT project has been formally put into operation in November last year, equipment and technology of the project is the introduction of the international most advanced level, output has excellent flexibility and elastic recovery, good wrinkle resistance and dimensional stability, good weatherability and dyeing properties of the modified fiber. 500000 tons of DTY and POY project a line has been put into production, technology has reached the world advanced level, product performance and improve the comprehensive improvement, shrinkage compared with conventional fiber with high, can better meet the high-end market demand.

Miu Hangen said, in the hope of spinning equipment Gaoke imported German Bamag the most advanced equipment; texturing machine is the equipment and the Japanese cooperation R & D; company after packaging, the use of fully automated packaging production line. Guowang Gaoke equipment, it is in the financial crisis in 2008 when the order, two years after delivery, it now appears, in the equipment costs account for a large " cheap ".

The delegation also visited the spinning workshop and the workshop, when modern production workshop speeds with international advanced production equipment, Jiang Hongkun greatly, for sure that the Sheng Hong has been adhere to the road of independent innovation, he encouraged the group chairman Miao Hangen, by accelerating the pace of transformation and upgrading, efforts to billion enterprise sprint, he said: " the traditional industry, technology the most advanced equipment, the most advanced, develop new products, also has the competitive power! A private enterprise, sales from about 7000000000 yuan to about 30000000000 yuan, about 50000000000 yuan, 100000000000 yuan into the future but also to the. " Jiang Hongkun also stressed, Guowang Gaoke is a new technology of high starting point, the project, to the development of this project, not only the enterprise's own efforts, but also need to the local government policy support, to the rapid development of the local economy.