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青海11选5:Talent training base was successfully held the unveiling cer

青海11选5 www.bbogb.com Published:2012-09-24

The North - Sheng Hong school talent training base " opening ceremony cum excellence program " research will be successfully held in Shenghong Testing Center

In September 24th, Sheng Hong together with the Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology Beijing College held the unveiling ceremony of talent training base outside, and held the " excellence program " research. The Higher Education Department of the Ministry of education institute director Li Maoguo, Beijing City Board of education higher education director Huang Kan, Liao Qing, vice president of Beijing Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology School of materials science and engineering Dean Zhao Guodong and Sheng related personnel rainbow company deputy general manager Zhang Yexing and company, they witness uncovers card ceremony, explore the talent training plan, strengthen exchanges between universities and enterprises.

The opening ceremony by the Ministry of education, Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology, Sheng Hong Company Sifang leaders to finish. First of all, Liao Qing through the unveiling expressed thanks and hope, she says " this is the Beijing Institute of clothing technology implementation " another sign of teaching quality and teaching reform project " of the results. " At the same time she thought the training base of the building is a pioneering work of students, school, enterprise and social win-win, it means the training service for the Beijing Institute of clothing technology talent, for the service of Beijing Institute of clothing technology teaching and scientific research, provides a good platform for Sheng Hong enterprise and talent development service. Subsequently, Zhang Yexing introduced Shenghong in recent years have made outstanding achievements and technological breakthroughs for the guests, he stressed that the ties between enterprises and talents, the talent is defined as the core competitiveness of enterprises, which he regarded as a market economy under the enterprise, the establishment of a high-quality, high level of innovation team is very important, and the Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology and Sheng Hong Company established off-campus training team of high-quality scientific and technological innovation base for the formation of a " use it, stay, can find new ways of development ", Sheng Hong need talent, and the school can provide human resources, talent joint both find the direction of development. Finally, director Li Maoguo made an important speech about " talent training base, is a very good thing, not only to provide employment opportunities for students, but also promote the good development of enterprises, the radiation effect of Beijing Institute of clothing technology will promote Shenghong positive development and to the last new step. " He believed that the exchanges and cooperation between the is a can achieve the important opportunity of Production-Teaching-Research Combination, is promoting a new milepost both talents docking.

After the ceremony, the two sides to exchange of personnel training, conducted an in-depth discussion and analysis of the " excellence initiative " content, the site also share the North - Sheng Hong talent successful docking case. Li Maoguo, Huang Kan and other leaders of Shenghong group to attract talent, fully affirmed the work.