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青海11选5:Shandong Shouguang party and government delegation visited

青海11选5 www.bbogb.com Published:2012-12-04

On the afternoon of December 4, Shandong Weifang Municipal Committee, led by Sun Mingliang, Shouguang City, Shouguang party secretary, deputy secretary, mayor Juran Yuxi Shouguang party and government delegation country look Gaoke visits. District People's Congress Standing Committee Fanjian Kun, Zhang Ye Xing, Sheng Hong, executive vice president of shares accompanied the expedition.
The Shouguang delegation visited a Canadian bomb workshop of the country look Transtech spinning During the inspection, members of the delegation on the recent situation in the chemical fiber industry development status of the country look Gaoke understand. The Zhang Yexing said, Jiangsu look high-tech since the foundation started in 2010, after two years of construction period has been this year gradually to achieve production. Differentiated production line Shenghong advancing the industry by the quantity-oriented "to" technical efficiency "of the changes, in line with the transformation and upgrading of the chemical fiber industry and the whole textile industry requirements. Sun Mingliang said that the country hope Gaoke speed of construction and development of ideas they have left a very deep impression, and learn from the space Shouguang further enterprise transformation and upgrading.