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Shenghong Corp, which is composed of Suzhou Shenghong Fiber CO.,LTD, Jiangsu Zhonglu Technology Development CO.,LTD and Jiangsu Guowang High-technique Fiber CO., LTD, has an annual capacity of polyester yarn of about 1.9 million tons. As always, Shenghong Corp adheres the innovative strategy that “no doing repeated constructions no producing normal products, no using conventional technologies”. Shenghong Corp emphasizes on the mid-to-high end of the industrial chain and specializes in differential and functional fiber products. Shenghong Corp owns a professional “memory fiber” production line and has grown into a worldwide leading supplier for full dull series fibers, ‘cationic composite” fiber and superfine fibers.
In the past few years, Shenghong has been honored “National Prize for progress in science and technology”, “china industrial awards”, “National torch plans key high-tech enterprise”“National tech-innovative model enterprise”, “National industrial brand cultivating model enterprise” and so on. In addition, Shenghong also undertakes national science and technology supporting project, national torch plans, national key new products project and etc. In 2015, Shenghong passed the assessment of national intellectualized and informationized combination management system, it combines intellectualization and informationization of the industry. It uses intellectual processing system to produce polyester yarns and this improves the quality of the products and has an effective influence on energy saving and emission reduction. It not only activates the R&D and application of related technologies, but also promotes the technological progress of the polyester industry.
So far, Shenghong has acquired hundreds of patents including more than 20 patents for invention, 3 American patents for invention and 3 PCT patents. Shenghong also actively participates in establishing standards, it took the main part in drafting 8 national and industrial standards, and undertook the task that as the convener of ISO/TC38/SC23/WG6, furthermore, Shenghong took the leading position in the establishment of the international standard “Testing Method for Thermal Shrinkage of Man-Made Filament Yarns” and this is the first time for a Chinese chemical fiber enterprise to take the lead in the establishment of international standards. It propelled more Chinese chemical fiber enterprises to better enter the international market and made contributions to maintain the fairness in international trade.
Shenghong works closely with the world’s leading equipment suppliers to customize specially used equipment and keeps improving the original equipment, to make all the production lines first class around the world. When it comes to technological innovation, Shenghong is the first in industry to use circular blowing system. Shenghong values the quality of the products and dedicates in the differential chemical fiber field and chases for the carftmanship. Shenghong develops high value-added products such as FULL DULL, DANCING DRAGON YARN, ECHASE, SHCOOL and etc, and wins the acceptance of the market with excellent quality.
Based on the “innovative fiber technology” idea, Shenghong utilizes innovation to improve the quality of products, also to meet the needs of customers and to realize healthier life. Shenghong actively establishes the innovative service platform to create a new mode of industrial chain innovation. Using data collaboration to realize the collaborative value creation of the whole industrial chain and to promote the service value of the manufacturing enterprises, and finally realize the transformation from “production-oriented manufacturing to “service-oriented manufacturing”.